Introducing…Picture Book Debut Author Ruth Spiro

4W0A2243_WEBRuth Spiro in three scenes:

  1. She is the 2016 picture book debut author of the BABY LOVES SCIENCE series, illustrated by Irene Chan and published by Charlesbridge. BABY LOVES AEROSPACE ENGINEERING! explores the basics of flight – from birds to planes to rockets – and ties it all to a baby’s world. BABY LOVES QUARKS! uses one of baby’s favorite toys as a metaphor for the basics of particle physics and chemistry – quarks, protons, neutrons, atoms and molecules.
  2. The BABY LOVES SCIENCE themes: STEM, science, chemistry, enginBabyLoves AE CVR 300.jpgeering, early childhood, birds, flight, airplanes, rockets, babies, board books
  3. Ruth Spiro was a curious kid who always wondered how things worked. She now lives in suburban Chicago and still likes to ask lots of questions.


Find Ruth at, on Twitter @ruthspiro

Find illustrator Irene Chan at

Both books will be available October 4, 2016, wherever books are soldBabyLoves Q CVR 300


Introducing…Picture Book Debut Author Betsy Devany

DSC07289 2.jpegBetsy Devany in three scenes:

  1. Betsy is the 2016 picture book debut author of Lucy’s Lovey, illustrated by award-winning New York Times-bestselling illustrator Christopher Denise and published by Henry Holt (Christy Ottaviano Books). Spunky Lucy has seventeen baby dolls, all uniquely named. But from the get-go, the peppermint scented cloth doll, aptly named Smelly Baby, becomes Lucy’s lovey and does everything with Lucy, in the process becoming quite, well, smelly. When the doll is lost following an incident involving Stasher, a pug obsessed with swiping stuffies, Lucy remains loyal to what remains of her lovey. But then Smelly Baby returns home . . . different.
  2. Lucy’s Lovey has themes of friendship, family, creative play, independence, resilience, and loyalty.
  3. Betsy Devany grew up in in Teaneck, NJ and comes from a creative family. She lives near Mystic, CT with her rescue dog, Buddy; rescue cat, Terrapin; and her life-sized lovey, Norman the gorilla. When not writing or doing creative play with her grandkids, she works at an old-fashioned toy store where she meets hundreds of rag-tag loveys, and occasionally offers on-the-spot therapy for parents who accidentally left their child’s lovey on the roof of the family car, strapped their sleeping child in their car seat and then drove away. Betsy also rescues lost loveys, almost always successfully reuniting them with their kids.



lucyslovey-jkt-des5-hires-239x300.jpgYou can find Betsy at,  Facebook , Macmillan author page and Instagram

LUCY’S LOVEY will be available September 27, 2016, wherever books are sold.

For anyone who’d like to share a childhood lovey story, please contact Betsy via her website. You can also post lovey pics with the hashtag #WhosYourLovey.