2016 Debut Picture Book Holiday Giveaway on Goodreads

Eight debut picture book giveaways are listed on Goodreads for a grand holiday giveaway!

Enter to win SNAPPSY THE ALLIGATOR (DID NOT ASK TO BE IN THIS BOOK) by Julie Falatko (2016 debut author), illustrated by Tim Miller.



Enter to win SALAD PIE by Wendy BooydeGraaff (2016 debut author), illustrated by Bryan Langdo.


Enter to win NED THE KNITTING PIRATE by Diana Murray (2016 debut author), illustrated by Leslie Lammle.


Enter to win PUG MEETS PIG by Sue Lowell Gallion (2016 debut author), illustrated by Joyce Wan.


Enter to win THE WILLIAM HOY STORY: HOW A DEAF BASEBALL PLAYER CHANGED THE GAME by Nancy Churnin (2016 debut author), illustrated by Jez Tuya.


Enter to win YOU’RE MY BOO by Kate Dopirak (2016 debut author), illustrated by Leslie
Breen Withrow.


Enter to win QUACKERS by Liz Wong (2016 debut author-illustrator).


Enter to win CITY SHAPES by Diana Murray (2016 debut author), illustrated by Bryan


A Few More Shelfies

It’s always fun to see our books out in the wild. Here are a few more shelfies.

alighted on the shelf at Hicklebee's Bookstore in San Jose, CA.jpg

Alighted on the shelf at Hicklebee’s Bookstore in San Jose, California…Linda VanderHeyden‘s MR. MCGINTY’S MONARCHS.


EMERSON BARKS by Liza Woodruff, center stage.



Claire Lordon‘s LORENZO THE PIZZA LOVING LOBSTER, Lori Richmond‘s A HOP IS UP and Diana Murray‘s NED THE KNITTING PIRATE all on the same shelf!


1Hidie and Grimelda at Warwick.jpg


2016 Debut Shelfies

Our 2016 picture books have been spotted out in the wild. Check out these amazing shelfies!*

13901568_10205234040210743_5172722349200997317_n.jpgDARIO AND THE WHALE,  by 2016 picture book debut author Cheryl Lawton Malone, face out on the shelf.

Princeton, NJ.jpgLORENZO, THE PIZZA-LOVING LOBSTER in Princeton, New Jersey, by debut author-illustrator Claire Lordon.

12963440_1029939767076499_7710437017883334053_n.jpg“Up and Comer” Julie Falatko‘s SNAPPSY THE ALLIGATOR.

13939357_1068607073175066_8714976548388529161_n.jpgDiana Murray‘s CITY SHAPES on a display table (notice the circle table).

Third Place Books, Seattle.jpg

Andrea Zuill‘s WOLF CAMP snapping up a prime spot at Third Place Books in Seattle.


Prince Books in Norfolk VA.jpgA MORNING WITH GRANDPA by debut picture book author  Sylvia Liu sitting pretty at Prince Books in Norfolk, Virginia.

Magers & Quinn Booksellers, Minneapolis MN.jpg

Trisha Speed Shaskan‘s PUNK SKUNKS rockin’ the shelf at Magers & Quinn Booksellers in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


13880297_10157323506340541_1228977982695447382_n.jpgDebut author-illustrator Jason Kirschner‘s MR. PARTICULAR in the pickiest spot available.

13876286_10210213244473243_4819758532879673638_n.jpgDiana Murray‘s GRIMELDA THE VERY MESSY WITCH on the shelf with delightful company.

Grimelda and Lorenzo.jpgGRIMELDA and LORENZO make shelfie friends.

University Bookstore, Seattle.jpg

QUACKERS by debut author-illustrator Liz Wong, registering big time at University Bookstore in Seattle, Washington.


IMG_1851.PNGSALAD PIE by Wendy BooydeGraaff with literary friends at Literati in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


12525368_10153889122379837_8955377906972194169_o.jpgAuthor Megan Maynor‘s debut picture book ELLA AND PENGUIN STICK TOGETHER braving  the shelf together.


*shelfie: photo of a book on a shelf


Calling all 2017 Picture Book authors and illustrators

Have you been reading our blog and wishing you could be part of an amazing picture book group like ours? But, alas, your picture book is coming out in 2017? Alison Goldberg has just the group for you:
2017 Picture Books
Alison Goldberg headshot 2013For authors and/or illustrators with a picture book coming out in 2017, there’s a group to connect, share book release strategies, and cheer each other on.
The 2017 Picture Book Release Group has over 30 members–a mix of debuts and those with books already in print. Together, we’re sharing marketing ideas, staying in touch on social media, and helping each other to lay the groundwork for successful launches next year.
So if you have a 2017 picture book, please be in touch! You can find us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/2017PictureBooks/
Alison Goldberg’s debut picture book, I LOVE YOU FOR MILES AND MILES, illustrated by Mike Yamada, is forthcoming from Farrar, Straus & Giroux.