Calling all 2017 Picture Book authors and illustrators

Have you been reading our blog and wishing you could be part of an amazing picture book group like ours? But, alas, your picture book is coming out in 2017? Alison Goldberg has just the group for you:
2017 Picture Books
Alison Goldberg headshot 2013For authors and/or illustrators with a picture book coming out in 2017, there’s a group to connect, share book release strategies, and cheer each other on.
The 2017 Picture Book Release Group has over 30 members–a mix of debuts and those with books already in print. Together, we’re sharing marketing ideas, staying in touch on social media, and helping each other to lay the groundwork for successful launches next year.
So if you have a 2017 picture book, please be in touch! You can find us at
Alison Goldberg’s debut picture book, I LOVE YOU FOR MILES AND MILES, illustrated by Mike Yamada, is forthcoming from Farrar, Straus & Giroux.

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