Introducing…Debut Illustrator Wendy Martin


Wendy Martin in three scenes:

  1. She is the illustrator of THE STORY CIRCLEwritten by Diane Gonzales Bertrand and published by Piñata Books (Arte Público Press), about a classroom of students who create their own storybooks to replace the ones lost because of a flood.
  2. THE STORY CIRCLE has themes of recovery from disaster, hope and imagination.
  3. Wendy’s love affair with art and illustration began at an early age. One of her earliest memories is of sitting with a pile of crayons and papers strewn around her proclaiming to her parents that someday everyone in the world would be looking at her art. In spite of her parents’ attempts to steer her toward a more practical choice, she never wanted to do anything else. She has since traded in her crayons for watercolor, pen and ink, and a computer.TheStoryCircle-cover.jpg

A STORY CIRCLE is coming out in May 2016 from Piñata Books. Visit Wendy at



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