Introducing…2016 Picture Book Debut Author Nancy Churnin

nancychurninNancy Churnin in three scenes:

  1. She is the 2016 picture book debut author of THE WILLIAM HOY STORY: HOW A DEAF BASEBALL PLAYER CHANGED THE GAME, illustrated by Jez Tuya and published by Albert Whitman & Company. It’s the true story of William Hoy, one of the first deaf major league baseball players. He taught umpires and teammates the signs we use today so that he could pay the game he loved.
  2. THE WILLIAM HOY STORY has themes of perseverance, independence and transforming physical challenges into assets. An online activity book will be available on the Albert Whitman site with teaching plans involving history (Hoy was born during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln and died during the presidency of John F. Kennedy), sign language instruction, and anti-bullying lessons regarding challenges deaf Americans faced in achieving inclusion and (the book shows how he was bullied until his introduction of sign language and hard work on the playing field brought him respect).
  3. Nancy Churnin is the theater critic for the Dallas Morning News. She grew up in New York City as a baseball fan. The youngest of her four boys required special education, including simple sign language, to learn to speak. After he mastered speaking, he became a special needs coach to help others. His experience left Nancy and her family feeling part of and grateful to the support, affirmation and encouragement in the special needs community.51EbV8GZ0VL._SX405_BO1,204,203,200_

Find Nancy on FaceBook, @nchurnin on Twitter, on D-FW Theater on Facebook and the Dallas Morning News at dallasnews.comTHE WILLIAM HOY STORY: HOW A DEAF BASEBALL PLAYER CHANGED THE GAME will be available March 1, 2016, wherever books are sold.


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